Jumio: A Nimble Approach to Online Identity Authentication

Jumio: A Nimble Approach to Online Identity Authentication

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Robert E. Prigge, President & CEO, JumioRobert E. Prigge, President & CEO
In today's digital world, online identity matters. As more businesses go online to attract wider attention from the digitally-driven consumers, securing online user identity has become a moving target. Data breaches and other malicious attacks by cybercriminals have made online trust tricky. With information becoming more vulnerable to cyberthreats day by day, companies need to fight back stronger with more secure and reliable verification methods for identity verification. Jumio is an end-to-end identity verification company that connects an individual's online and real-world identities to help clients fight fraud, maintain compliance, and onboard genuine customers, faster. The company uses computer vision technology, machine learning, and live authentication experts to verify the credentials of customers distributed globally.

Jumio is used by leading companies in the financial services, shared economy, retail, travel, blockchain, and online gaming sectors. The company powers businesses with scalable and secure identity verification technique, enabling clients to build and sustain trust in an increasingly unsafe digital world. "The opportunity that lies ahead for Jumio is enormous, and I am focused on accelerating the innovation— especially in the areas of AI and biometrics—and execution that our customers need from us. Their success will continue to drive us,” said Robert E. Prigge, President of Jumio.

Jumio verifies the authenticity of a user's real-world identity in seconds, either through a webcam or a smartphone. The company helps optimize conversions by deterring fraud and meeting compliance mandates alongside providing a seamless customer experience. Jumio leverages the technologies of face-based biometrics and artificial intelligence backed by verification experts to improve accuracy.

The opportunity that lies ahead for Jumio is enormous, and I am focused on accelerating the innovation— especially in the areas of AI and biometrics— and execution that our customers need from us

All a user has to do is take a selfie and Jumio’s "liveness" detection technology verifies if the user is genuine, in seconds. This agility in user authentication can have a game-changing impact on the banking and financial services industry by creating the best possible experience while fighting financial crime. Its service offerings include ID verification to determine if an ID is authentic and belongs to the concerned customer. With this identity verification service, Jumio ensures whether the person behind the transaction is genuine. Another service offering of the company is document verification where it helps clients extract proof-of-address and information from a user's utility bills and bank statements. Jumio’s authentication technology replaces outdated KBA (Knowledge-Based Authentication) and 2FA (Two Factor Authentication). The company’s 3D biometric-based face maps deliver a significantly reliable authentication that is unmatched in the industry. The Jumio screening service combines KYC-compliant ID verification and complete automatic AML screening to monitor new user onboarding.

Jumio understands that data security and system integrity is at the heart of every financial and KYC transaction. To that end, the company has heavily invested in building highly secure and reliable service offerings. With omnichannel usability across mobile, desktop, and API, any business can attract more customers by verifying and trusting them anytime, anyplace, and from any device.

Over the past two years, Jumio has experienced substantial growth. The company’s ability to help businesses reliably and quickly verify their customers is well-appreciated throughout the world. From onboarding verification to ongoing authentication, Jumio offers a complete solution for the financial institutions to engage their customers and drive the business leveraging online.

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